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Federal Contracting Center provides small and medium-sized businesses with the best SAM registration assistance. We help you quickly and affordably complete or renew your sam.gov registration. If you’ve tried self-registering and become stuck or frustrated, working with us will get you going immediately.

We fill an unspoken void in the federal contracting world. In theory, SAM (the System for Award Management) allows businesses to self-register. But the reality is that it can seem complex and time-consuming. We simplify the registration process, allowing you to stay focused on your business.

Federal contracting is potentially extremely lucrative but also very difficult for small businesses to navigate successfully. We can simplify the registration process for your business.

Mike Major

CEO & Founder, Federal Contracting Center

Since our founding, we’ve set new standards of efficiency and affordability, allowing thousands more small businesses to register with SAM. Our clients now routinely win federal contracts for their products and services, and the U.S. government has achieved its goal of expanding the list of approved vendors.

Mike Major CEO & Founder of Federal Contracting Center a leader among government contracting companies.

Our contracting specialists are ready to take your call (855) 700-5143

Federal Contracting Center By the Numbers

Federal Contracting Center, a federal contract consulting firm, was founded in 2001

Founded in 2021

FFC has a had 1000’s of satisfied clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses.

1,000s of Satisfied Clients

We have secured millions of dollars in government contracts for our clients.

Millions of Dollars in Federal Contracts

How Do We Register Your Business?

We make it quick and convenient for you to work with us on all your federal contracting needs because we understand that time equals money for your business. In the government contracting process, success lies in the details, and we’ll help you present yourself in the best possible light.

Specifically, our trained and certified SAM contracting specialists will get your business federally compliant and register or renew your firm with all relevant U.S. government contracting platforms.

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes

PSC (Product Services Codes)

Federal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your Small Business Profile

Business Capability Statements in our award-winning style

The full and impressive business capability narratives we help you develop show government employees who you are and what you do. When your business shows up prominently in their contractor searches, you’ll be on track to grow your business and profits beyond anything you’ve done previously.

Thoughts from Our CEO & Founder Mike Major

At Federal Contracting Center, we’re dedicated to helping small businesses compete for and win U.S. Government contracts. As a business owner, I had always been aware of the federal contracting market, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, I learned first-hand what it can mean to a small business.

At the height of the pandemic, I had access to several sources of personal protective equipment (PPE) on the ground in the U.S. I was ready to sell and ship N95 masks, nitro gloves, and isolation gowns—all the most in-demand items for the federal government. However, the confusion and complexity of working with the government prevented me from contracting to supply those desperately needed items.

Meanwhile, every day, I watched other small businesses win contracts for the same products I had available. The only difference between them and my company was their knowledge of how to operate in the federal market, which I did not. At that moment, I dedicated myself to helping small businesses avoid and overcome the setbacks and frustrations I had experienced.

Are you hitting roadblocks in the federal contracting process? We’ll help you overcome them.

Immediately after that, I founded the Federal Contracting Center and sought out people with the needed experience and understanding of the federal contracting market.

Today, I couldn’t be prouder of the team we have assembled and their incredible track record of success helping thousands of small businesses. Our services are affordable, and when you work with us, you’ll open up significant, long-term government contracting opportunities to boost your sales and profits. I remain hands-on in the business, and we deeply value our relationships with every client company.

What Makes Us Different?

Our people are the reason we are so effective in helping with your SAM registration, Federal SEO, DSBS optimization, the business capability statement for your SBA (Small Business Administration) profile, and much more. We’re proud to have the most knowledgeable and talented people in the federal contracting marketplace.

Every member of our team can bring value to your business, and we work collaboratively. As a result, you’ll benefit from everyone’s expertise in a way custom-tailored to your company and its needs.

  • Former federal employees
  • Data analysts with federal market experience
  • sam.gov registration experts
  • Federal market researchers
  • Proposal developers
  • GSA schedule processing specialists

We’re all about saving you time while maximizing the results – helping you win lucrative and profitable business contracts with the U.S. Government. While our competitors might offer one or two services, you get them all with us. We’ll view your business (and your opportunities) holistically and in a way that maximizes the results you’ll see.

The Most Thorough SAM Registration Process

When you work with us, you get the industry’s most thorough and accurate SAM registration process. Our people go line-by-line with a proven, effective, and methodical approach. We catch things others miss, and the result is a highly accurate (and effective) sam.gov renewal or registration for your business.

With us, optimization is key because it makes you visible to government agencies and makes them ready to buy your products or services. We’ll ensure all vital information is provided in the required format to meet U.S. government contracting standards — you’ll be impressed by the additional opportunities we’ll show you.

Maximize your opportunities by coming up in the right searches for your business.

When your vendor registrations are complete and optimized, you’ll receive notifications, emails, and phone calls from government purchasing agents. This unlocks opportunities to become a prime contractor or subcontractor and to receive purchase orders for single contracts.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients provide products and services of nearly every kind. But they all desire to become more successful through increased sales and profits.

If you’re a small business owner struggling to compete in the federal market or feel like you should be experiencing greater success, we’re the perfect match for you and ready to help.

We’ll show you how to target, how to prepare, how to connect, and how to compete in the Federal contracting marketplace.

Federal contracting companies assist businesses register with SAM. Government contract consulting firms.

How Long Does It Take?

Our people work fast with no compromise in quality. Many clients first contact us with an urgent need to renew a SAM registration. An expired registration holds up their business, and they’re stuck trying to renew it and feeling frustrated. Our message to you is we understand and can help.

Turnaround times can be as fast as one to three days, depending on your application and the required information. We’re available to you at all phases of the process, and never step away from your project until it is completed and you’re back in business.

Federal Contracting Experts for Small Businesses

We’re proud to be a “best-in-class” company with thousands of satisfied and successful clients. If you’re ready to grow your business and increase your profits, we’re the ideal partner.

Improve your SBA capability statement

Have a federal SEO tune-up

Update your NAICS or PSC codes

And much more

We offer unmatched SAM registration assistance for small and medium-sized businesses at rates you can afford. There’s no reason to lose time doing your application or renewal DIY when we’re ready to assist. Our mission is to help your bottom line, reduce frustration, and give you peace of mind.

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TO RENEW YOUR SAM Registration

Please call 1-(855)-700-5143 For Direct Assistance

Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM ET

A System for Award Management (also referred to as SAM) Registration must be renewed annually to stay compliant and active. FCC recommends that businesses renew 90 days before the SAM expires to prevent service penalties and/or interruptions.

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