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SAM Renewals ensure you stay current with the U.S. Government’s System for Award Management. They are crucial for any entity paid by or wanting to market itself to the Federal government. The renewal process is detailed, like the SAM application requirements, and optimizing your online visibility to Federal agencies while renewing is a vital opportunity.

We offer regular and expedited SAM renewal services.

When you renew with SAM on time, you keep your registration active for another year and ensure that you are paid and visible to government agencies looking for your services. Allowing your registration to lapse is not an option, and waiting until the last minute exposes you to needless pressure and anxiety.

Regardless of why the federal government pays you—contract, grant, or finding—you need to stay current.

Maintaining your cash flow by being paid on time is crucial to the financial health of all businesses, nonprofits, and government entities. There’s also the marketing dimension that makes you visible to agencies looking for your products or services. Our mission is to help you stay current with SAM so that you receive the government business or support you need.







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Renewing with SAM: How Often is It Required?

You’re required to renew your SAM registration yearly—each registration and renewal lasts 365 days. You must also update your registration immediately if any details about your company or nonprofit organization change. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your registration current and up to date.

It’s easy for the deadline to sneak up on you when you’re busy with your daily responsibilities. If it does, we have the knowledge and resources to help – trying to renew “DIY” can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Don’t allow your registration to lapse; call or contact us online today for help.

If you aren’t sure of your expiration and renewal dates, it’s crucial to log on and check sooner rather than later. You can find your listing if it’s public by visiting the SAM website and searching using the entity name you registered or your CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code. Your listing will show whether it’s active or expired.

Alternatively, if you skipped the public database when you originally signed up, you’ll need to log in using your username and password. Once you’re in, you can check the expiration date and review your listing.

Can I Renew My Registration Myself?

In theory, the renewal process is designed to be user-friendly for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental entities. While some people may renew “DIY,” many find it time-consuming and intimidating. The system is detail-oriented, which requires focus without distractions or additional experience and expertise with it—which is where our people come in.

We’ve helped entities and types register and renew with SAM. We’re pleased to offer experience and capabilities that make our affordable fees worthwhile in many ways.

  • Speeds up the process and approval
  • Leverages all opportunities (marketing, etc.)
  • Gets the details correct the first time
  • Save your time and is cost-effective
  • Maximizes your businesses’ opportunities

Even if you submitted your registration yourself and were approved the first time, let us show you how much we can improve your online profile. Some parts of the process are undoubtedly about meeting the requirements, but others are open to proactive opportunities to make your business better known.

What are the Steps to Renew?

The information that needs to be provided on your registration and renewal can vary by entity. Therefore, providing a universal step-by-step guide to SAM renewals is challenging. But there are universals that apply to everyone. One is the requirement that you update your record in a single computer session – which makes many people feel pressured, and any mistakes are potentially costly.

Begin your registration renewal 90 days before the expiration date. If you have federal contracts (and payments), funding, or grants on the line with your registration, starting the renewal process with ample time in advance gives you the opportunity to improve your entity’s registration.

Remember to carefully check the data on all pages—and there can be many. It can be time-consuming, and it’s not a process that’s forgiving if you’re in a hurry and miss things. It could cause your renewal to be delayed, costing you payments and business.

The Core Data section is one of the most important and includes factual details about your entity in many areas. All the fields that apply to you must be completed with updated information.

SAM and various U.S. Government agencies connected to it have published guides to registration and renewal. They are excellent resources if you want to understand the scope of the requirements better. Should you have questions, our Federal Contracting Center team members are only a phone call away.

Don’t Overlook Marketing Opportunities

If you’d like to make your business more successful through U.S. government contracting,, and other agencies will give you opportunities if you know how to take advantage of them during the registration and renewal processes.

An excellent example is our “Federal SEO” service, in which we expand your presence in the Federal government’s systems. It’s a multi-pronged approach, fine-tuned to your products and services and the agencies shopping for them. When you raise your visibility in the right places, it works wonders.

Are you looking to grow your government contracting business?

We’re partners with our clients and go out of our way to help them achieve success. If you’ve set ambitious sales goals for the coming year, today is the ideal moment to let us explain how we can assist. Our expertise spans many industries and categories; we can help more government agencies find you.

Our SAM Renewal Service Brings ROI

Accessing our SAM renewal service will save you time and improve your chances of increasing your U.S. government contracting business. In other words, it’s designed to bring an excellent return on investment. It’s because our process goes far beyond the “basics” of renewing, and our people have particular expertise in the field. Therefore, you’ll make a leap ahead by working with us.

  • Identify contracting opportunities for your business or nonprofit
  • Ensure that all areas of your listings are well-written and optimized for search
  • Bring a holistic view of government contracting for your business
  • Educate you about additional opportunities
  • Include you in other online government listings for your business type
  • DSBS registration and optimizing your DSBS profile

It would take you many hours to learn the contracting ins and outs that we bring to the table from the first day you work with our government contracting consultants. We are also respectful of budgets and tailor our service levels accordingly. Whether you’re a small business, nonprofit organization, or state or local government entity, we can help.

Renew Your SAM Registration Today

Whether you’re working 90 days ahead or need expedited SAM registration renewal today, don’t hesitate to call or contact us online. We’ll meet you where you are in the process, ensure that you’re renewed on time, and submit the best possible information.

Federal funds support or sustain many small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local governments. The only way to access those funds is with an active SAM registration, so it’s important to renew yours on time. At the Federal Contracting Center, our mission is to ensure you get paid.








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A System for Award Management (also referred to as SAM) Registration must be renewed annually to stay compliant and active. FCC recommends that businesses renew 90 days before the SAM expires to prevent service penalties and/or interruptions.