Federal Networking Strategy (FNS)

The Federal Networking Strategy is a platform of exclusive technology and preparation that helps businesses get started in federal contracting with the U.S. government. Offered entirely by the Federal Contracting Center (FCC), the FNS is the most complete and quickest system available for you to get your business winning Federal contracts.

FNS or Federal Networking Strategy to help develop businesses to win government contracts.

The Federal Networking Strategy Include vital components that businesses need to win Federal contracts:

  • Compliant Registration – One of our Specialized Managers will process all of the specific federal registration paperwork on your behalf to assure you are 100% compliant.

  • Federal DSBS Profile – Listing in the DSBS (Dynamic Small Business Search) where government contracting officers search for small business for federal contracts.

  • Small Business Qualifications – We will evaluate your business to see if you qualify for Small Business Administration (SBA) set-aside contracts. This includes women, veterans, and disadvantaged-owned businesses as well as *HUBZone* programs.

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TO RENEW YOUR SAM Registration

Please call 1-(855)-700-5143 For Direct Assistance

Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM ET

A System for Award Management (also referred to as SAM) Registration must be renewed annually to stay compliant and active. FCC recommends that businesses renew 90 days before the SAM expires to prevent service penalties and/or interruptions.