Privacy Policy

The Federal Contracting Center has developed this privacy statement to assist those who are concerned about how user ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ (also referred to as PII) is utilized online. Defined in accordance with United States privacy and/or information security laws, PII is data that can, independently or in conjunction with additional details, reach, identify, or pinpoint the location of an individual. We encourage you to thoroughly review our privacy statement to gain a comprehensive understanding of how we employ, gather, manage, and safeguard your Personally Identifiable Information on our website.

Our website, blog, or application collects certain details from visitors for a streamlined experience. During the process of placing an order or registering on our platform, we may request information such as your full name, contact email, postal address, telephone number, and payment card details, among other relevant data, to enhance your user experience.

Collecting Personal Information:

When you engage with our site—be it through registration, making a purchase, signing up for our newsletter, participating in surveys and forms, utilizing live chat, opening a support ticket, or sharing feedback—we may request details such as your name, contact information (email, phone number, and mailing address), and, if necessary for transactions, your credit card data.

Use of Information:

The primary aim of collecting your data is to personalize and improve your user experience. This allows us to tailor our content, products, and services to your interests and needs. Furthermore, we use your information to:

  • Enhance the functionality and security of our website.
  • Respond more effectively to your customer service inquiries.
  • Process your transactions swiftly and securely.
  • Seek your feedback on our services and products.
  • Maintain communication through follow-ups after your interactions with us (via live chat, email, surveys, etc.).

Safeguarding Your Information:

To protect your personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration, we adopt stringent security measures. Our site undergoes regular security checks and uses malware scanning to ensure a safe browsing environment for our users. Access to your personal data is limited to individuals who are authorized and have committed to keeping this information confidential. Furthermore, all sensitive information, particularly credit details, is encrypted using SSL technology to ensure its safe transmission. Please note that we process all transactions via secure gateway providers, avoiding any direct handling or storage of your sensitive information on our servers.

Enhancing User Experience with Google Ad Policies

The Federal Contracting Center website incorporates Google AdSense Advertising, adhering strictly to Google’s Advertising Principles to ensure an enjoyable and positive experience for our visitors. Google, as an external partner, utilizes cookies to tailor advertisement experiences for our users, drawing on their past interactions with our website and other internet locations. Specifically, Google employs the DART cookie to deliver ads that are relevant to our users’ previous web activities. For those preferring a different approach, the option to opt out of the DART cookie usage is available through the privacy policy of the Google Ad and Content Network.
Implemented features to optimize advertising effectiveness include:

  • Google AdSense Remarketing
  • Impression Reporting within the Google Display Network
  • Reporting on Users’ Demographics and Interests

Together with Google and other third-party vendors, we leverage both first-party cookies (like those from Google Analytics) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) to gather insights on the interactions users have with advertisements, ensuring they align with the offerings on our website.

For users interested in customizing how Google advertises to them, adjustments can be made through the Google Ad Settings. Alternatively, opting out is possible via the Network Advertising Initiative Opt Out page or through the Google Analytics Opt Out browser add-on.

Adhering to the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)

The landmark CalOPPA law mandates that any commercial website or online service that collects Personally Identifiable Information from California consumers must clearly post a privacy policy. This policy must detail the specific information being collected and with whom it is shared. Reflecting the global nature of the internet, CalOPPA’s requirements apply to any entity in the U.S. or worldwide engaging with California residents.
In compliance with CalOPPA, we uphold the following commitments:

  • Provision of anonymous site visitation.

Placement of a clearly visible privacy policy link on our homepage or, at a minimum, on the first substantial page after entering our website. This link is marked with the word ‘Privacy’ to ensure easy location.

Notifications of updates to our Privacy Policy will be communicated:

  • Directly on our Privacy Policy Page

Modifications to personal information can be executed:

  • Through email communication with us
  • By contacting us via phone
  • Via user account login

Regarding Do Not Track signals, we respect and follow such preferences, refraining from cookie placement or advertising activities when a Do Not Track browser mechanism is activated. It’s also crucial to highlight that we prohibit third-party behavioral tracking on our site.

Online Privacy for Children Under 13

The United States enforces the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to ensure the privacy and safety of children under the age of 13 online. This act empowers parents by regulating how websites and online services handle the collection of personal information from children. The Federal Trade Commission plays a key role in enforcing these rules.

Our policy is to not intentionally collect information from children under the age of 13.

Principles of Fair Information

At the core of privacy legislation in the United States are the Fair Information Practices Principles, a set of guidelines that have influenced the creation of data protection laws worldwide. Adherence to these principles is essential for compliance with privacy laws designed to safeguard personal data.
Should a data breach occur, our policy is to:

  • Notify affected parties via email within seven business days

Additionally, we subscribe to the Individual Redress Principle, which allows individuals the right to pursue legal actions against data processors and collectors who violate privacy laws. This ensures not only the availability of enforceable rights against data handlers but also access to government agencies for investigating and prosecuting non-compliance.

CAN-SPAM Act Compliance

The CAN-SPAM Act governs commercial email communications, setting legal standards for commercial messaging, ensuring the right of recipients to stop receiving emails and defining penalties for violations.
Our commitments under this law include:

  • Collecting email addresses to send information, answer inquiries, complete orders, and send order updates, as well as additional service-related details.
  • Avoiding the use of deceptive email addresses and subject lines.
  • Clearly marking messages as promotional in nature.
  • Providing our physical business address.
  • Monitoring any third-party email marketing services for compliance.
  • Implementing a straightforward process for unsubscribing that is promptly honored.
  • Offering an easy unsubscribe option at the bottom of every email.

For those wishing to opt-out of future emails, you may contact us at or utilize the unsubscribe link provided in every email, ensuring your prompt removal from ALL future communications.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us at

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